KwixSeal concept was initially concieved over a decade ago by DaverCo, LLC. We purchased a wax melting system with upgraded heating capacity for over $13,000 from a major wax melting hardware supplier. Too say it was sub-standard, over-priced and borderline worthless would be an over statement. Almost impossible to contact for customer support, poorly engineered and fundamentally worthlesss for our solution would also be a stretch. The only good thing we were able to gain from the expensive purchase was, "Proof of concept".

Overweight, under-powered and assembled by what appeared to be, "A garage assembly operation" would best describe our Wax Melter supplied machine. The hose did not bend. The size was excessive. The supplied cart looked like a Sam's club after thought. However, we tore it apart...Re-built it...Re-configured it. Into the look like, feel like, machine we origanly thought we were thank to Wax Melters.

Over-priced is also a significant understatement. If what we ordered and what we expected were so drastically divergent we can only imagine what other candle making manufacturers are having to face. Pathetic comes to mind...Ripped off may be a better description. Thus, the motivation for KwixSeal to offer a heated reserviour fluid transfer system for a fraction of the cost that
KwixSeal Waxmelter
Re-Configured Waxmelter
Initial KwixSeal Design
Original Waxmelter