Hotmelet Rubber - Thermo Trip Fix Kits: Includes HMR, Pea gravel, colored sands
Hotmelt Rubber  TTF Kit - 10 LB.  - Part # HMR-TTF10LB                               $39.95
Hotmelt Rubber  TTF Kit - 20 LB.  - Part # HMR-TTF20LB                               $69.95
Hotmelt Rubber  TTF Dealer Kits - Custom sizes available. Contact us for pricing.
HMR ThermoTripPix Pre-formed wedges:
Kit includes 2 - 1" High x 12" Long x 3" Wide TTF Wedges, colored sand & Pea Gravel

Eliminates the need to pour hotmelt glue and pour in place. Simply place on concrete at trip hazzard, cut excess material and heat bottom of wedge to install. Add custom colored sand and pea gravel (if desired) to match existing concrete. Sets  up in minutes, lasts for years. Stackable / Extendable; for higher x longer hazards. Inexpansive DIY custom solution to eliminate toe trip hazards caused by shifting concrete slabs.
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HMR Purge Boxes - Used to drain tanks/collect drips from melters
HMR Purge Box - 5 LB. (QTY 5) HMR Part # HMR-PB5                               $15.00
HMR Purge Box - 5 LB. (QTY 10) HMR Part # HMR-PB10                           $25.00
HMR Purge Box - 5 LB. (QTY 20) HMR Part # HMR-PB20                           $49.00

Hotmelet Rubber Raw Materials:
Hot Glue Patch - 7" x 5.5 " (beige), 2 Pak - Part # HGP-7x5                            $16.95
Hotmelt Rubber - 5 LB.  - Part # HMR-5LB                                                       $19.95
Hotmelt Rubber - 10 LB.  - Part # HMR-10LB                                                   $34.95
Hotmelt Rubber - 15 LB.  - Part # HMR-15LB                                                   $54.95
Hotmelt Rubber - 1, 200 LB.  - Part # HMR-1200LB                                         $3, 950.00

Make larger jobs easier by using our HMR Stationary Melter to have up to 60 pounds of hot melted rubber ready to go. Simply add the rubber blocks and mount on the back of you truck or trailer and use in your Kwixseal machines to apply as you need it. Uses standard 110V A/C so you can run it off power at your job site or use a small generator.
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HMR POUR POT,    Part # HMR-POT-SM     
Pour pots make installing HMR fast, easy and best of all, inexpensive! The metal pots can be used as a stand alone solution to heat HMR 5 lb. blocks or can be filled directly with pre-heated HMR from a stationary melter. Pour pots are heated on electric or propane operated heating devices that can be situated near your work area. Makes an ideal solution for areas that are upstairs, in tight areas or when using larger equipment is not needed.   
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