DaverCo installing KwixSeal hotmelt rubber for St. Mathew's church - Austin, Tx.

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DaverCo, a Texas LLC established in 2011 specializing in construction based materials is replacing about a mile of worn out or missing expansion joints for St. Mathew's Episcopal Church in north Austin. Unlike polyurethane rubber materials traditionally used in these types of situations, DaverCo is using their KwixSeal material that sets up in ten minutes, not ten days. Replacing the rotten or missing wood not only helps to maintain the structural integrity of the concrete slabs but also eliminates possible tripping hazards for pedestrians. This is also required in order to comply with the American's With Disability (ADA).

"The KwixSeal machine we use is basically a big hot glue gun on wheels", says Nathan Hinds, Chief Technical Officer for DaverCo and owner of steel fabrication company, Nat-Fab. "Our standard machine has a dual burner setup to melt rubber into a liquid very similar to how a hot glue gun works but we can deliver up to ninety pounds of heated material per hour...or about a glue stick every second or two." The machine can also be used for filling cracks in asphalt.

DaverCo President Dave Richards has been working for over a decade with Mr. Hinds as well as others to develop and perfect the KwixSeal machines long with the proprietary rubber material it uses. The rubber has been tested by outside labs and does comply with certain industry standard ASTM tests. "Over the course of the time it took to develop a potentially industry changing solution to a common problem we are very pleased to have developed a superior system almost anyone can use. No mixing, minimal training, highly portable unit that runs off 110V (standard household) electricity."  Dave continued, "We had the handyman in mind when we developed the solution. Our product is safer to use than a propane / direct fire unit and is built around a ruggedized steel box. With the faster cure time and not having to constantly fill caulk guns, our contractors save money and time. Plus, it delivers finished results that outlast other popular products that deteriorate rapidly due to exposure to the outside elements, especially UV rays. While we originally designed this product for replacement of expansion joints, it is very likely we will discover other applications for heating and transferring a liquid from a vessel."

Along with St. Mathew's church DaverCo has installed expansion joints for commercial properties including HEB, Baylor Scott and White, Target Stores, Duncanville ISD, various apartment complexes along with others. KwixSeal machines are available for contractors, property maintenance companies, government entities, school districts, etc. on a short term or annual lease. To find out more about the KwixSeal machine or to reach Mr. Hinds or Mr. Richards please checkout their website, www.kwixseal.com.

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